Yoga Sticks


Product net weight : 85.00 grams.
Total weight with package : 100.00 grams.
Incense Length : 5.5 Inch
Materials used : Rare Himalayan Herbs

Description deals with wide range of Natural Tibetan Handmade Incenses. Incenses are very important on the offering or household use on buddhism culture.

This is Tibetan Soffrom(Nagkeshar)  Incences fragrance  of rare Himlayan herbs. This Incense Traditional Aromatic medicinal Ins,which weight 80-90Grams. The Length of the incense packet is 5.5 Inch long.There are 30 Incense sticks in the packet.


  • Incense are Natural Incenses made of Purified Plants, herbs and resigns found at himalayan part of Nepal and Tibetan.
  • Guranteed free from Toxic Substances. These are 100% natural.


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