Tibetan Gokul Incense


Product net weight : 80.00 grams.
Total weight with package : 100.00 grams.
Product Length : 5.4 Inch
Wide : 1.2 Inch
Incense Length : 5.4 Inch
Incense Size with Packing : 4.5 Inch X 1.2 Inch
Materials used : Himalayan Herbals and Plants
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Nepalartcraft.com deals with wide range of Natural Tibetan Handmade Incenses. Incenses are very important on the offering or household use on buddhism culture.
This is Tibetan Bdellium (Gokul-Resin) Incences fragrance  of rare Himlayan herbs. This Incense Traditional Aromatic medicinal Ins,which weight 80-90 Grams. There are 30 Numbers of sticks in side the Packing and each stick is 5.4 inch long.
  • Incense are Natural Incenses made of Purified Plants, herbs and resigns found at himalayan part of Nepal and Tibetan.
  • Guranteed free from Toxic Substances. These are 100% natural.


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