Super Mini Jungle Khukuri


Product net weight : 180.00 grams.
Total weight with package : 360.00 grams.
Materials used : Carbon Steel, Wild Rose wood, Water Buffalo Leather
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Mini Jungle Khukuri Is popular By the name of its can known that this is the super mini on the handy khukuri for using purpose. This is small version khukuri from Bhojpure Khukuri range which is specially designed for boys ages about 10- 12 years old. Mini Jungle Khukuri also can be a best simple but important gift, a handy working tool to work in your garden or to go Jungle. This Mini Jungke Khukuries are also popular as fishing Khukuri, hunting or skinning Khukuri. The well made blade can be a usable tool because of its light weight. This size is also best  mostly demanded size by the tourist who visit Nepal and want buy a momento from this country.

 Nepal Bazaar INC has this beautifully made Mini Jungle Khukuri which name is given by its work. The Blade in traditional Version and  polished but very sharp edge, light weight, comfortable to carry and to use at any direction. The scabbard os this Khukuri is also interesting with red leather hand processed of water buffalo leather. As like other khukuries, two small working tools are complementry.  The blade is much more harder than normal Khukuri which blade tang come and end at the last part of handle.
Blade Made Material:  Made of Highly Graded Carbon Steel on Jungle (Non Polished) condition
Steel Category:           A grade leaf spring steel (from car or jeep 5160)
Hardness of Steel:      Spine 25 Rc, Midpoint of the belly 45 Rc, and the edge 55 Rc.
Handle Made Of:         Wild Rose Wood
Scabbard made Of:    Water Buffalo Hide/Leather (Outside) and  Pine wood  (Inside)
Blade type:                  Sharp blade in Jungle version
Wet. with scabbard:  400  Grams
Blade Length:             8 Inch
Total Length:              12 Inch
  • These Khukuries we are selling is a authentic handicraft goods. The weight and size could small different than mentioned on the page.


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