Panawala Angkhola Type Black Khukuri


Product net weight : 650.00 grams.
Total weight with package : 850.00 grams.
Product Length : 13 Inch
Blade Length : 8 Inch
Materials used : High quality carboon Steel and Rose wood with Buffalo Leather.


Panawala and Ang +khola are two different words that take two different meaning. Panawala is a popular village from eastern side of Nepal. This vary designed is come from the same village. First different of the khukuri made of this village is its handle. The handle of the khukuri from this village is always single piece that goes all the way through bottom of the blade. Ang means the back part of the human body and Khola means Kholeko (open). It means the blade part of this special design looks the same when a human back body is without cloth or it can say in simple language, up and down that is called Pata Pareko in Nepali language. This vary deisgn is famous for the heavy duty working knife to cut harder things like wood, fire-wood etc. The main reason to be single piece from the handle side is to grip the metal piece too while using. The steps on the blade so that while work with the knife it doesnot strike and can easily re-charge the knife and complete the work easily and comfortably. For the blade, carbon steel or the truck spring steel (this is the one of the best and strongest steel that are tempered give the shape for the heavy or strong duty) and Many sizes are being made and people can choose the sizes depend on the type of work. For the handle different materials are being use like rose wood, buffalo horn or metals such as aluminum or brass.


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