Small Antique Bowl


Product net weight : 950.00 grams.
Total weight with package : 1800.00 grams.
Diameter : 7.5 Inch
Materials used : 7 Metals
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Here is Small antique singing bowl collected from himalayan part of Nepal. This singing bowl is genuine antique with uppish shape. The bowl is thick and finest shape from the rim part too which can make beautiful singing sound and also energy sound strike by mallet stick. This singing bowl can be useful for every body work like sound meditation, healing or to create the chakra.

This beautiful himalan singing bowl has weight of 950 Grams. It is measured height of 3.5 Inch. It is 7.5 Inch by Diameter. The bowl is complete set with slik cushion, leather wrapped stick and cotton mallet stick.

…………..No Another Piece like this because this is Unique and collection Item………………


  • This Sample sound of bowl is recorded on Normal recording device. No any edition or any computer work has done to make sound better.
  • Please send an email if you are interested to hear this bowl another sound clip before you purchase.


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