Energy Antique Healing Bowl


Product net weight : 1465.00 grams.
Total weight with package : 2100.00 grams.
Diameter : 10.4 Inch
Materials used : 7 Metals
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This is differient shape of antique bowl than others. The bowl is not thick but has more height and unique rim part with more wider than body. It has same thickness between body and rim part that is measured about 4 MM.

This antique himalayan singing bowl is best for message and therapy. The bowl can produce more vibration  that is useful for massage of body.

Different tools can make differnet sound. For deep meditating sound or for high energy, if it is biten by palm of hand, it make full enrgy with sound and vibration. If this bowl want to strike with stick, it produce a pure and harmonic singing sound but if it is strike with leather stick or plain wooden stick with hard hand, it produce a high note pitch sound that can hear very long distance.

The bowl has 1465 gram weight. Its height is 5 Inch and it is 10.5 Inch diameter.


  • A singing bowl cushion, a felt hammer mallet and large size leather stick will be provided freely.
  • For different recorded sound, please contact us by email.


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