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Chakra singing bowls is a collection of different size of bowls with different; include 1 bowl for each Chakra, or energy center, in the body.
Sets with 7 Bowls in 7 Notes for the 7 main Chakras are the most popular. Each of these notes has a correspondence with one of the chakras, therefore the name “Chakra Set”. Everything you need is included, such as a striker for each bowl, rubber o-ring bases, and playing instructions.
The basic Chakra notes are C, D, E, F, G, A and B where the first chakra is Below than navy which is called C Chakra and the last Chakra is B Chakra which is over the head part.
Individual singing bowls has own sound notes and rhythm. In chakra bowls, the bowls must have order size as well as matching sound too. C is the deepest sound where B is the sharp sound in order. A chakra singing bowl set is collection of bowls. To make a perfect shape, it sometime need to select from 100s of bowls than finally it will become ready a correct chakra set bowl.

We will help you decide which set is the best choice for you that each different Chakra note can come in several sizes of bowls.
Chakra bowl set has lot benefit. If somebody want make a complete meditation, Healing or Reiki there must be a complete set to make complete treatment.
Set can make different weight category and range. They can make from 10 cm bowls smallest to 25 cm bowl biggest.

 Each of the bowls in set will be with Silk cushions, Leather sticks and Mallet stick. Also free gift related Nepalese craftsman.

– The measurement of the bowl could be small vary in every another product as these are handmade products and there are no same two products however we care to provide you closest bowl as possible.

– Recorded sound of this singing bowl is recorded on normal recording device striking the bowl with leather stick and no edited at all. The sound of next bowl could be little different than this sound.


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