Antique Thado Bowl


Product net weight : 855.00 grams.
Total weight with package : 1600.00 grams.
Diameter : 7.2 Inch
Materials used : 7 Metals


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Antique Singing bowls are collection bowls from different parts of Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet. The bowls were made many decade ago like 70-80 years ago (Different bowls has different ages) by hammering the mixture of different metals. These golden colored bowls were had been used for different purposed. The different part of the region or tribe of people live in those zone, has own way to explain about singing bowls and their uses. Some people say they have used these bowls for food dish where mixture of metals give good energy and power for body and another tribe of people says that these bowls are more best for worshipping of lord Buddha. Whatever it has used, but these bowls has still great energy, malodious on sound, power and length on sound to use them as a best quality singign bowl.

This antique singing bowl can produce different singing sound by playing it with different tools. When it is strike with leather wrapped wooden stick, it produce more higher pitched sound but if hammerd with soft cotton drum stick or palm, produce more deep meditating sound. Similarly, the another plus point of this singing bowl is, it has beautiful length and harmonic.

There are many different types of antique singing bowls we deal with. More varieties of choice on bowl, it become more easy for a buyer to buy right singing bowl for him. This particular antique himalayan siging bowl has different by shape than other bowl. Main different of this singing bowl, it has more uppish shape, flat base and same thickness at the base part, and rim part. This particular singing bowl has more clear singing tone and less energy (Vibration) which sound is more practical for daily usages.

This singing bowl is best for its own sound. It is about 18 cm diameter and 9 cm height.

This bowl is for practical use. We include a singing bowl cushion, Double  stick to strike. We also include some other free gift items on the purchase of this bowl

– The measurement of the bowl could be small vary in every another product as these are handmade products and there are no same two products however we care to provide you closest bowl as possible.

– Recorded sound of this singing bowl is recorded on normal recording device striking the bowl with leather stick and no edited at all. The sound of next bowl could be little different than this sound.


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