Second World War Khukuri


Product net weight : 785.00 grams.
Total weight with package : 1250.00 grams.
Product Length : 16.5 Inch
Blade Length : 11.5 Inch
Materials used : Carbon steel, Rose Wood Buffalo Leather
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This Khukuri has glorious History that makes every Nepali Proud. Even the Khukuri was designed before second world war, but got more popularity when it was used during world war by the Gurkha soldier who easily defeat to their enemy and got successes in every step. This Khukuri is called Deharadune Khukuri also and reason is that before 2nd world war, this Khukuri was making Deharadun India for the British Gurkha / Indian Gurkha soldiers but the design was originally from Nepal. The Blade of Khukuri is more curved and heaver then normal Khukuri. The blade is Made of Train Track Graded Carbon steel and Handle is made Horn, Wood, Aluminum or Brass. For the scabbard is made of Buffalo hide. The standard weight of this khukuri with scabbard is 800 grams while the blade is 11.5 Inch and with handle it is measured 16.5 Inch.


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