4 Inch Blue Mantra Singing Bowl


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The singing bowls has different usages. This particular singing bowl is not handmade but is more powerful for singing sound which is more relaxing. Singing bowls which are known as Healing or Sound Meditation bowl are made of alloy of different metals which are conected to Astrological planets which creat a range of different sounds and overtones.

The beautiful color painted singing bowl with golden letter writting from both inside and outside. There is nice hand written of Tibetan goodluck symbols like Om Mane Padme Hum from outside on circle of Mandala. On outside center, this bowl has Buddha Eyes which believe looking whole universe. Similarly from inside, this bowl has Om Mane Padme Hum letters again writting on different font.On the purchase of this siniging bowl, you also will have beautiful buddha head  carving wooden stick and a silk cushion for the bowl.
Wooden Stick worth $ 3 and Cushion Worth $ 2 will be Included free on the package for single piece of  Singing Bowls.

Time Frame to complete the Order:  Mix Carving (Different mantras and Symbols) are ready any time but for same carving we need a week time to make carving by our artists. 


  • Singing bowl is handicraft product. The small different on picture, size, height or weight  is minor than published on the page.
  • You can order for similar design carving for other colors Chakra Color.
  • For bigger quantity order from each size or different size, please Send us an Inquiry.


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